About Rihwa

A singer-songwriter from Sapporo, Hokkaido.

After graduating from junior high school, She decided to study abroad in Canada alone, and spent three years in high school in Belleville, Canada.

The country music that was playing in the city naturally seeped into Rihwa’s body.

When she was a student, for some reason she showed up at music events in her vocal class.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Because Of You” was performed in front of a large audience for the first time, and amidst the cheers, She was overwhelmed by the power of music that transcends borders and languages.

After that, I started making music based on country music, and started live activities centered on Hokkaido after returning home.

Released three singles and a full-length album titled “Praivate Series” from an independent label, and officially debuted in July 2012.

The transparent, relaxed, and bright singing voice is unforgettable, and the sunny smile is also very charming.